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Our Story

The go-to size inclusive clothing brand for women sizes 2-28.

Do you go into a store and wonder...

  • Why doesn't anything fit?
  • Why is there a "women's" AND a "plus-size" department?
  • How do I find clothing that'll work with my style now and 5 years from now?
  • Why is this clothing so uncomfortable!? I want my yoga pants!

Or perhaps you've just given up altogether?

Worry no more!

"I wanted a store where I could shop with my best friend + we wouldn't have to change departments.

A place where no matter my size, or my friend's size, we could go shop + love what we tried on.

I left my styling business + moved to Florence, Italy to study fashion design. One day while overtired, overheated and frustrated, I had an ah-ha moment while stripping myself naked in my school's bathroom - What if I never had to get naked while wearing a jumpsuit again!?"

I liked how chic they looked and realized there could be a 2-piece jumpsuit, which also meant it could work for women, no matter their body shape.

Poppy Row was born!"

Crystal Cave
Founder + Creative Director, Poppy Row

Only available for a limited time. Upgrade your closet today!